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Photo club and photographic association: Asociatia Foto Club Vasile Vénig László Carei; Association of Photographer Artists of Romania; MFVSZ Magyar Fotóművészek Világszövetsége.

Title of the portfolio: Learning to Fly

I was born in 1961 in the small town of Carei (Nagykároly) in the geographical region called Partium which today can be found in Romania. I obtained a degree in economics and ever since I was a child I have been interested in photography. However  I have only started to delve deeper and deeper into this magnificent world, this magical experience in the last 10-12 years. I and a few of my fellow enthusiastic photographer colleagues have reinvigorated the photographic scene in our little town in 2012 when we founded the Vasile Vénig László Photo Club. I am a founding member, the vice president and the Director for Fine Arts of this club. I have organized numerous exhibitions, events, fine art exhibitions, classical music concerts, conferences, book and photo album launches and International Photographic Saloons. I’m a member of MFVSZ (World Association of the Hungarian Photographers) and AAFR (Association of Photographer Artists of Romania). In 2019 I obtained the E.FIAP distinction. My photos have been shown all over the world, on 5 continents and in over 40 different countries. I also had my own personal exhibitions 15 times combined in Hungary, Romania and Ukraine.

In this photographic portfolio I would like to present to you an unconventional, not so well known theme. The theme I’m referring to is none other than aircraft spotting and although its popularity has grown considerably over time thanks to the proliferation of digital photography it is still relatively unknown to the general population. Most of the material found in this portfolio was curated in order to present the art of aircraft spotting. The photographs were shot during photo camp courses, airshows or are simply the result of human creativity. You may find, amongst others, glamour shots or paintings drawn onto the sky by airplanes.

It fills me with great joy to say that my photos have been displayed both at individual and group exhibitions. It’s not a secret that I would like to take the chance and to use this opportunity to promote this branch of photography to everyone.

Most of the photographs have a certain kind of dynamic feel to them, they capture, draw in the viewer and I hope they will manage to connect with you as well.

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.”

-Oscar Wilde-


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