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Yue Qi, male, was born in December 1962. He is a member of the Tonghai Photography Association, Yuxi Photographers Association, Yunnan Photographers Association, Image Copyright Association of China, and Vison China contract photographer and member of Global Photographic Union. His works have been accepted for many domestic and international photography competitions and exhibitions.

Yue Qi’s photographic works allow us to appreciate the beauty of artistic photography. These works have perfected our understanding of the aesthetic value of art photography, inspired our desire and pursuit of beauty, and raised the passion in our lives.


About photos:

Art photography is a significant genre that reflects elements of social life through the creation of artistic imagery, expressing the subjective thoughts, emotions, and artistic sensibilities of the photographer. It stands apart from documentary and news photography. Art photography is the photographer’s artistic conception, employing photographic techniques to produce compelling, representative artworks. Since the inception of photography, it has sparked revolutionary shifts in the world of art. Art photography utilizes the documentary elements of photography but integrates the photographer’s subjective thoughts, emotions, and artistic concepts.

Art photography is a blend of imitation and innovation concerning nature, incorporating aesthetics derived from fields such as architecture, music, dance, sculpture, painting, drama, and literature. The ultimate goal of each photographer is to create outstanding artistic photographic works, with the application of artistic photography techniques as the means to achieve this goal. Art photography encompasses various creative techniques and often employs aesthetic viewpoints, leveraging achievements in aesthetics, architecture, music, dance, sculpture, painting, drama, literature, and more to enrich the depth of artistic photography. Exceptional artistic photographic works have the power to transcend reality and elicit strong emotional resonances in the audience.

Art photography is one of the expressions of beauty, and it is not limited to being merely factual. It must be closely tied to reality, interpreting it through the creative techniques of artistic photography—refining, processing, and elevating it to achieve an artistic effect. Beauty is a form of artistic effect, and it manifests in diverse ways, with beauty expressed through various forms in artistic photography, employing technical and artistic methods.

Art photography and aesthetics are dialectically unified. Only when these two aspects are intimately intertwined can artistic photography effectively express and convey beauty, thus reflecting the aesthetic value of artistic photography.

Love is an eternal theme, characterized by selfless devotion and the most beautiful aspect of human life. The art photography work “Deep Love” emphasizes the selection of its subject matter during the pre-shooting stage, where, after choosing a theme, it employs special filters and techniques on the foundation of respecting objective reality to complete the preliminary creative process. Post-production primarily involves the use of digital image processing software to adjust aspects like exposure, contrast, and color.

“Deep Love” as an art photography work transcends the constraints and limitations of documentary photography, liberating the photographer’s subjective thoughts. It primarily presents the artistic practice based on the photographer’s subjective feelings, embodying a modern and liberating conceptual and creative approach. Through the photographer’s creation, art photography incorporates the photographer’s inspiration, aesthetics, and intellectual content, thus expressing the photographer’s emotions.

“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart, and head.”

-Henri Cartier-Bresson-


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