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Yu xunbai, male, was born in January 2001. In the third grade of primary school, I became interested in a half frame SLR camera abandoned by my father and I asked to give it to me as a present. His father readily agreed. Since then, he took me to parks to shoot plum blossoms and to the zoo to shoot a variety of animals, during which I gradually fell in love with photography. In order to encourage me to further study photography, my father bought me a full frame SLR camera, Nikon 750.

Then, during the summer vacations, I travel with my father to join photography tours to many photo genic sights that on the must-visit list of many photographers, such as Aba grassland in Western Sichuan, Xiapu in Fujian, Qinghai, Bashang in Chifeng, etc. Images included in this exhibition are created in these beautiful places.

Learning photography in the past years, I personally think that composition is very important. There is a photography book called Composition Determines Everything, and I couldn’t agree more to the point of views in the book.
I am now in my junior year of college and in the course of photography, I still have a long way ahead of me.


Description of the series:

Landscape Photography By Yu Xunbai

Landscape photography is ultimately the final presentation of the potographer’s aesthetic preference. For this type of photography, there is not much of uncertainty, as the location and time is alomost given despite the light condition. It’s great that if the light is ideal, but what if it’s not? Besides, now the camera is very highly intelligent that you can set exposure index and the camera will finish the rest. So what’s left for photographers?

Personally speaking, composition is all left to do.

When I first started photography, I was very excited about the magnificent scenery, but what’s captured was completely different from what I saw with my own eyes. Later in the process of studying photography, I realized that composition determines everything, which also reveals the photographer’s aesthetics.

When the light is perfect, A point-and-shoot camera is capable of making beautiful photos like the ones on postcards. When the light is not as ideal, it all comes to the photographers composition ability. For example, my photo of Xiapu in black and white was taken on a cloudy day. Without light, the color of the fishing net on the sea is flat. However, I composed the picture carefully, create a minimalist work in the post production, which is not a waste my time for that trip.
In short, landscape photography is paticular about composition. It is the mind and effort that frame the beauty of nature.

I am a recruit on the photography road. This is my little insight.

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

-Henri Cartier-Bresson-


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