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You Fuqiang, born in Lanzhou, Gansu Province in 1961, comes from Yantai, Shandong Province, with college culture, and now lives in Xiangyang, Hubei Province. He is a member of China Photographers Association, China Photographic Copyright Association, China Artistic Photography Society, GPU CR1, GPUTile Aphrodite, RPS, Hubei Photographers Association, director/disabled member of Entrepreneur Photography Association (Shenzhen), and a contract photographer of China Art Photography Network Executive director of Xiangyang Photographers Association, member of the fifth, sixth and seventh presidium of Hubei Disabled Persons’ Federation, vice chairman of Hubei Deaf People’s Association, chairman of Xiangyang Deaf People’s Association, special correspondent of Hubei Disabled Persons’ Federation, and national first-class senior photographer.


About photos

The fight of fulica atra

Fulica atra is a national second-class protected animal. Like a small wild duck, it often moves in the open water. Gray black feathers, a white forehead armor. Toes are long and thin. It mainly inhabits a large area of still water or offshore waters with aquatic plants. He is good at swimming and can dive for a long time in case of enemies.

Egrets dance in love

Every year in July and August, we can see their beautiful and beautiful figures — egrets. This year, I came again. I sat in the grass shed and quietly waited and appreciated the spirits watching their white figures dancing in the air. Suddenly, I remembered a poem: Egrets flying in the desert fields, and Egrets flying in the long grass flat lake. How enjoyable!

Heron returns

Yuliangzhou, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, is located in the ecological park. It is quiet and beautiful. The people are simple and unsophisticated. It loves birds and protects birds. A large group of herons live here all the year round. They live, multiply, play, fight and fly in this land. A heron flies over the lotus pond.

Heron finally catches fish

The heron is a national second-class protected animal. Its upper part is gray, its abdomen is white, and its neck has black longitudinal lines. The rest of the heron is gray, and its feet are black. Herons often visit the ecological park of the fishery farm in Xixiang, Hanzhong City. I waited hard for the arrival of a beautiful moment to share the wonderful moment of herons catching fish in the rain.

Ceryle rudis on the lake

Xiangyang Yuliang Island is located in the wetland birds of the ecological park – Ceryle rudis. It is a kind of bird belonging to the family Kingfisher of Buddhist monks. It is different from Crested Dogs in that it is smaller in size, smaller in crown feathers, and has conspicuous white eyebrows. The upper body is black with white spots. The primary flying feathers and tail feathers are white and slightly black. The male bird has a broad black breast band compared with the female bird.

Building a nest

Herons are busy building nests in the mountains and forests. The male birds transport nest materials, and the female birds are responsible for nesting and raising children… Herons dance on the cliffs.

Dance in love

The heron spreads its wings on the top of the peak and dances in the morning sun. Catching fish often accompanies willows by the river. Catching fresh fish and returning with a full load. The neck is thin, the mouth is long, the muscles and bones are thin, and the old fisherman is wearing coir rainbows and barefoot. The heron looks for food, hovers and flies in the water like a roc spreading its wings, a peacock opening its screen, a horse stepping on a swallow, and a dragonfly skimming the water. Its shape is elegant, its voice is clear, and it is magnificent and beautiful.

Mandarin Duck

The Mandarin Duck Stream in Nanzhang County, Hubei Province, the hometown of mandarin ducks in China, is the only mandarin duck and macaque nature reserve in China. The mountains on both sides are high and dense, quiet and fresh, which is an ideal habitat for mandarin ducks. Every autumn, hundreds of pairs of mandarin ducks fly here from the north to spend the winter.

Javan Pond Heron

The Javanese pond heron is a bird of the family Heronidae of the Stork Order. It is a medium-sized wading bird with red brown chest, black upper body, white wings, and a yellow beak with black tip beak. It is distributed in rice fields, grasslands, lake and river banks, American mangroves and reefs. Activities in the daytime or in the evening, feeding on aquatic species, including fish, shrimp, insects and crabs.

Crested Ibis Flying Free

The flying crested ibis is a bird animal of Ibidae and Crested ibis (national first class protected animal), which was called Crested Heron and Red Crested Heron in ancient times. Crested ibis is an endemic species in East Asia.

“Photography is an austere and blazing poetry of the real.”

-Ansel Adams-


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