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Longshou Canal Diversion Luogu Irrigation Area is the predecessor of Luohui Canal Irrigation Area, which was built in the Western Han Dynasty during the reign of Emperor Wu, more than 2100 years ago. It is a famous comprehensive water conservancy project in China’s history that integrates multiple functions such as irrigation, benefiting farmers and improving saline alkali land.

In the six years from Yuanshou to Yuanfeng, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty adopted Zhuang Xiongbo’s suggestion to build the Longshou Canal, which is called Longshou Canal because it can get the keel through the canal. During the construction, he pioneered the “well canal method”, which is the first underground canal in China. In the first year of Qinglong, Emperor Wei Ming of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Rui built the Linjin Pond and diverted Luoshui water to irrigate a hundred hectares of bittern land. In the second year of Baoding in the Northern Zhou Dynasty, Emperor Wu Yuwenyong reopened the Longshou Canal for irrigation. In the seventh year of the Kaiyuan era of the Tang Dynasty, Jiang Shidu diverted Luoshui from the ancient Tonglingpi (Yanchiwa) to irrigate the rice fields and reaped thousands of crops. Irrigation in Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties was inherited from Luoyang, with different characteristics. During the Republic of China, under the initiative of Yang Hucheng and the planning of Li Yi, Luohui Canal was built at the ancient site of Longshou Canal. Now Luohui Canal has become the largest gravity irrigation project in the North Luohe River basin. There are 743000 mu of farmland in Chengcheng, Dali and Pucheng counties of Huize, which is an important famous grain and fruit base in Shaanxi Province.

On December 8, 2020, the Luogu Irrigation Area of the Longshou Canal was successfully included in the World Irrigation Project Heritage List, and won the first world-class water conservancy cultural card of Weinan City.

This time, in order to celebrate the success of Luohui Canal’s application for the World Heritage, we took the Yellow River ancient tune Huayin old tune into the Longshou Canal heritage site as the background material, which fully demonstrated the magnificent history of Longshou Canal in the history of water diversion from Luoyang, and highly praised the Longshou spirit of workers in Luoyang.

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