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Wang Lixin, male, was born in Hengyang City, Hunan Province, China in 1969. He is a member of Global Photographic Union, Photographic Society of America, Royal Photographic Society, Photographic Society of New York, Europe Photographers Association, and International photography Association. His photos have won the gold gedal at Singapore Knowledge Bowl International Photography Circuit 2020, Temasek Photo Circuit (TPC) 2021、the 6th DFA Four Countries Photography League. He also won the Excellent Award in IPA 10th International Photographic Art Exhibition, honorable mention at Riedisheim International Photography Exhibition in France; He received numerous acceptance in multiple photo competitions, including 30th Trierenberg Super Circuit、GCPA International Contest、B&W Child Photo Competition、EMPFRE International Photography Festival、Manhattan International Photography Exhibition, 71st Midland Salon of International Photography、67th Singapore International Photography Award、DPA International Circuit and so on. He also won the Silver Medal at Hongkong China National Photographic Art Exhibition. Besides, he participated in the 20th China Pingyao International Photography Festival, the 4th China Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition, the 3rd China Zhejiang International Photography Exhibition, and the 21st China Macau International Photography Exhibition.


Description of the series:

Life of Common People

I prefer to use black and white to depict this colorful world. Black and white photography allows people to see the essence of things, which also reveals my thoughts and emotions in a more straightforward fashion. It does not require color concealment and rendering, but has a more visual appeal that highlights the connotation of the theme; its unique layering and texture expressiveness demonstrates unparalleled artistic charm. Whether it is documentary or creative, I like to use black-and-white photography to realize and express, closely combining ideology, value, and artistry to make photos that touch the heart of the viewers.

“Photography is an austere and blazing poetry of the real.”

-Ansel Adams-


Pillar Of

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