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Sun Dunfu is from Wanzhou,Chongqing. He is a member of China Photographers Association, Global Photographic Union (GPU), Senior member of Chongqing Photographers Association. He is Director of China Art Photographers Association, Vice Chairman of Sumadang Scenic Area Photography Alliance, Consultant of Wanzhou District Senior Photography Association, and Head of the photography team of Wanzhou District Veterans Activity Center.
Awarded the title of Top Ten Photographers by the International Photographers Association in 2014
Won the CAPA Art Photography Golden Tripod Award in 2018
In 2020, won the title of Jinhai Road Photography Artist of Jinhai Road International Art Center
In 2020, won the title of Top 100 Photographers in the 3rd Hong Kong China International Cup.
In 2020, won the title of “Huayi Cup” Top 100 Chinese Photographers.
In 2020, won Top Ten Outstanding Award in the 2nd Hongkong International Photography.
In 2020, won the Chinese Art Golden Horse Award.
In 2020, awarded “Ten Outstanding Chinese Photographers in the World”
In 2021, won the Oscar International Photography Awards
In 2021, won the Lifetime Achievement Award in the second international photography “Golden Camera Award”
In 2021, won the Golden Bull Award in China Photography
In 2021, won the Jinhai Road Award in the second Jinhai Road International Photography Contest
In 2021, won the Cannes Golden Horse Award in the first Cannes Golden Horse Awards International Art Photography Contest
For more than ten years, his photos were accepted and awarded in international and national competitions and exhibitions in more than ten countries and regions, including the United States, India, Australia, Finland, Bulgaria, Singapore, Serbia, Montenegro, Belarus, South Africa, Hong Kong China, Shenzhen, Huangshan, etc. Nearly 2000 photos were published in photo books, periodicals and the online websites.


Description of the series:

Landscape Photography Exhibition of Sun Dunfu

The west part of China is in its exotic magnificence. China is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world and it has a long history and profound cultural heritage. The west China is the source of Chinese civilization and the root of the descendants of Yan and Huang. It is vast with magnificent rivers and mountains, particularly the highest mountain in the world and the source of all rivers. It is a paradise for our photographers as it has unlimited scenery to offer.
Ten photos taken in Xinjiang and Tibet were selected in the exhibition.

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

-Henri Cartier-Bresson-


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