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Anitha Mysore, a tech whiz hailing from the bustling hub of Bengaluru, India, had her fascination for photography kindled in her youth. Initially, her lens was fixated on personal mementos, but it was the moment she acquired her first digital SLR that her passion blossomed into a captivating voyage through the diverse genres of photography. Amongst all subjects, it was the enchanting realm of avian life that truly captured her heart. As her IT career sent her on journeys to various corners of the globe, it ignited her creativity for travel and street photography, weaving her unique stories with every click.

In 2016, Anitha Mysore’s path intersected with the Youth Photographic Society (YPS), an enchanting world where she not only entered the realm of Salons but was also initiated into the captivating universe of Fine Art Photography, thanks to her interactions with YPS luminaries.

In the timeless words of Henry Ford, who once said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young,” Anitha Mysore remains a steadfast advocate that age never dims the spark of curiosity. In her view, each new day presents an opportunity for enlightenment.
Over the course of more than five years, Anitha has actively participated in National and International Salons, reaping laurels and accolades for her photographic prowess. Her works have graced exhibitions in over 60 countries, earning her a remarkable tally of over 7000 acceptances and 650 prestigious awards. Her expertise has led her to serve as a discerning jury member in both national and international salons.

Embracing her role as Interclub Representative of YPS since the last two years, Anitha Mysore has been a tireless advocate for the art, a creative spirit intertwined with the very heart of the photography community. She has served as Salon Secretary for three consecutive Salons of YPS. Currently, she serves as one of the Directors on the Executive Committee of YPS, in addition to her professional IT career.

This captivating black and white photography portfolio is a mesmerizing dance of light and shadows. Each image is a masterful interplay of contrast, where the absence of color brings forth an exquisite focus on the intricate details of the subject matter. Through the expert manipulation of light, the photographer skillfully weaves a narrative that’s as much about what’s hidden in the shadows as what’s revealed in the light. It’s a collection that invites viewers to explore the subtle beauty of the monochromatic world, where the interplay of darkness and illumination paints a compelling story in every frame.

ARPS | MPSA | EFIAP/g | c***MoL | EIUP | GPU CR-4 | FAPS | EFIP | EFIP/g | Hon.CPE

Social Media: Instagram @AnithaMysore

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

-Henri Cartier-Bresson-


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