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María Rosa, who comes from the field of Painting, was born in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, and is an Argentinean/Italian dual citizen.

Between the years 1995/1999 she became part of the Argentinean Photography Federation Board of Directors (FAF). She also became part of the Board of Directors of, and was Director of, the “FAF XXXIX Cóndor Contest of Photographic Art” (1997) and Director of the “FAF 50 years” Anniversary Contest (1998).

In 2014, the Shandong Art and Design University (Jinan, China) invited her, as professor, to give some lectures.

That same year she had the privilege of being invited to take part in the PCA Conference and allusive events.

In 2014, she was granted the “The 5th China Jinan International Photography Exhibition, (CHINA) 1º Prize.

From the year 2000 till 2003 she became part of the FCBA Committee, holding the position of Assistant Secretary, and Committee Director; also taking part in National and International Contests.

She was a Jury member in National and International Photography Contests: International Jury member in SICAFI and National Jury member in ATNA (Sailing Tradition Friends); COMFA (Civilian Staff Air Force Clearing Fund).

At Bartolomé Mitre Institute, she was a member of the Buenos Aires Photo Club Artistic Committee.

She also worked as Photographic Contest Coordinator.  She was Coordinator of Literary Cafes, where photography is thought of as part of the written message (being herself an amateur writer), and organized Photography Workshops.

Part of her work is dedicated to Horse and Gaucho-like Photographs, having made 40 exhibitions about these topics up to now (San Antonio de Areco and others). Her works have been internationally exhibited in innumerable Art Exhibitions.

In 2007/2010 she became part of a new Buenos Aires Photo Club Board of Directors, holding the position of Secretary. She was Director, in 2007, of the ANNUAL CONTEST OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ART (National Contest) and in 2008 she was Director of the 62nd FCBA International Contest, held in Argentina.

In 2010, the bicentenary year, she was distinguished by her work “200 Brillos entre luces y sombras” (200 Sparkles among Lights and Shadows).

AFAF-DFAF-SFAF- (FAF) (Argentina); A.FIAP- EFIAP- (FIAP-Belgium); PSA Member; (Who is Who Photographic American Society, USA); GPU Member.

She was a PFR Honorary Member (Honorary Photographic Party Member in Rosario City, Santa Fe Province, Argentina), in 1995 and FCBA Honorary Member in 1996.

Some of the prizes and awards she has been granted are:

  • “Photography Creativity and Promotion Award”, Altee. Brown Historic Museum.
  • “Buenas Ondas”, in 1994. (Good Vibes)
  • “Who is Who”, in 1999.
  • “Kilme Prize”, 1999/2000/2001.
  • “Pasajera Ilustre de la Fotografía”, in 1996 (Photography Distinguished Passenger).
  • Gold Medal of Merit in 2002.
  • Sociedad Italiana Cristoforo Colombo (Cristoforo Colombo Italian Society).
  • “Sol de Oro”, in 2013 (Golden Sun).
  • EL SOL multi-media award.
  • “Cervantez Prize”, in 2010 (Outstanding Personality of the Year), Quilmes Spanish Association.

Her works appear in many International Art Galleries and Catalogs. She has exhibited her works of art in countless exhibitions in Argentina and different world capitals.

Summary of her most outstanding prizes

  • FIAP Gold Medal 1º Prize –SLOVENIA, 1998.
  • Best Experimental Photograph, 5º TOUR DELLE COLINE, ITALY, 2000.
  • 19 Arno Trophy 2º Prize, ITALY, 2000.
  • Austrian Super Circuit Gold Medal, AUSTRIA.
  • Gold Medal , 2º PSA Circuit, Hong Kong.
  • FIAP FCBA Silver Medal, ARGENTINA.
  • 3º Prize SICAFI International Contest, 2000, ARGENTINA.
  • Batana Bronze Medal, Rovinj, CROATIA.
  • FIAP Gold Medal, Mississippi, USA.
  • PSA Gold Medal, Best Creative, FCBA, Argentina..
  • Gold Medal, Best Circuit, MOTIVA, 2001.
  • 1º Prize ‘’El Capello nel mondo’’, Alessandria, Italy, 2002, ITALY.
  • 2002 Austrian Super Circuit Gold Medal, Silver Medal, Bronze Medal, AUSTRIA.
  • Gold Medal, Buenos Aires Photo Club International Contest, 2002, ARGENTINA.
  • Silver Medal, 3rd Horizon International Circuit, 2003, INDIA, 2003.
  • 14th Macao International Photography Contest, Macao, 2007 (Macao) FIAP Bronze
  • India Ribbon FIAP Horizon Circuit, INDIA, 2003.
  • Certificate of Merit with Honors, 36th RIBBON Award, HOWRAH.
  • Medal of Honor in 2004 Contest, INDIA.
  • FIAP XXXII Award, Guipúzcoa Trophy, SPAIN, 2004.
  • 2004 FAF CÓNDOR, (D.C.) Argentinean Photography Federation, ARGENTINA.
  • FIAP Silver Medal, 14th. P.S.S.M. International Photography Exhibition, MACAO, 2004.
  • PSA GOLD MEDAL, 8th International Biennial Pub Contest, 2004.
  • The 2007 62nd Hong Kong International Photography Contest, HONG KONG, PSHK Gold Trophy, GOLD Medal; PSA Silver Trophy; PSA Silver Medal (Best creative work).
  • 114th Toronto International Photography Contest, CANADA, PSA (Best creative work).
  • Tropical Image Exhibition, USA, FESTICOLOR, 2007.
  • 38th H.K.C.C. International Contest of Pictorial Photography, 2008, FIAP Silver Medal.
  • FIAP H Award, FIAP Gold Medal, 41stA. INTERNATIONAL Contest of Photography.
  • 1º Prize “The 5th China Jinan International Photography Exhibition”, 2014, CHINA.
“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart, and head.”

-Henri Cartier-Bresson-


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