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Mainak Dey,a Software Engineer by Profession,carries a great passion towards different genres of Photography and takes out time to run behind them to fulfill the hunger for passion.
Being a self taught Photographer, he started his journey with travel Photography across multiple continents.

His photographs disperse from beautiful landscapes to the stories of people from different races,religions and countries. His works also display different shades and dimensions of nature and wildlife in various forms.

During his development as a travel and nature photographer, he has also left mark in Creative Fashion Portraits in parallel. His fashion portraits are always very uniquely characterized by the chiaroscuro and the moods created.

In the Journey of his Photographic career, He has participated in different National & International Photography contests and received 6000+ acceptances with around 1100 Titles and
won more than 800 International awards from as many as 56 countries countries across the globe.

These awards include more than 200 Gold Medals (39 PSA Gold,12 FIAP Gold, 5 MOL Gold, 8 FIP Gold etc.),Silver Medals, Bronze Medals & Honourable Mentions etc. under
the patronages of different renowned Photographic Organisations like Photography Society of America (PSA), FIAP, GPU, IAAP and MOL.

He has been ranked among the top 40 Popular Photographers across the globe in Asia Photo Festival organised by Asia Photographers Union where The works of 390 Photographers from 40 countries were exhibited.

So far, the images clicked by Mainak has been accepted and displayed in 62 different countries which are well applauded.

Distinctions Received:
1. PPSA from Photography Society of America
2. AFIAP from Federation Internationale De L’Art Photographique
3. c-MOL From Master of Light, Canada
2. AFIP (Artist FIP by Federation of Indian Photography, India)
4. AHPS (“Artist” HPS) from Hellenic Photographic Society Greece.
5. GPU Crown 2 from Global Photographic Union, Greece
5. M.NPS from Nicosia Photographic Society, Cyprus
6. GM.APS from Agile Photographic Society
7. A.CPE from Campina Photographic Society, Romania
8.Hon. CPE from Campina Photographic Society, Romania
9.Hon. PESGSPC (Honorary Awarded for the Outstanding Contribution in International Art Photography by Pascal English School & Greek School Photographic Club, in CYPRUS)and PESGSPC Grand Progress Award for the distinguished service towards the promotion of art photography, love, peace and friendship through international projects by Pascal English School & Greek School Photographic Club in CYPRUS.
10. Hon. GNG
11. Hon. APF
12. Hon. FBCA

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

-Henri Cartier-Bresson-


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