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Luo Shaozhen, used to work in the finance sector and later found passion for photography after retirement. She completed course at Beijing Photography Correspondence Academy in 2016. She is a member of Global Photographic Union and obtained the GPU Crown distinction. She is a member of Images Copyright Society of China, Chinese Folklore Photography Association, Jiahua Photography Association in Canada, and Shenzhen Entrepreneur Photography Association. She is also serves as director to the Atlantic Photographers Association of Canada and contributing photographer of People’s Photography.

Since 2016, she received more than 100 awards in photo competitions at multiple levels, including international ones, such as International Photography Awards, Trierenberg Super Circuit, GCPA International Photo Competition, as well as in competitions held at national, provincial and municipal levels. Among the awards are Chairman’s Choice award, silver medal at 2019 International Photography Festival Toronto, first place in Natural World 2019, Top Ten Photographers of Global Chinese Photographers in 2020, a gold medal at 13th Daguerre Exhibition, 8th “Golden Horse Award for Chinese Art” in 2020,”Golden Bauhinia Award” of 2020 Hong Kong China International Photography, gold medal in Shanghai Langjingshan International Photography 2020, PSA gold medal of the 4th Shenzhen International Photography Art Exhibition 2020, gold award of the 20th Pingyao International Photography Exhibition 2020, gold medal of the 23rd National Art Photography competition.

She has been selected to participate in festivals in Pingyao, Lishui, Duyun and Lianzhou and some photographic works become permanent collection of Shenzhen Archives. She is the recipient of honorary title “One Hundred Years of the Founding of the Party Best Photographic Achievement Award”. Some photographic works were featured in videos by Tencent, a leading online company in China and some were collected and exhibited permanently by “Mingjia Mingzuo” column of Beautiful China website.


“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

-Henri Cartier-Bresson-


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