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I'm Loreto Gomez Dodman

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Chilean photographer, self-taught.

I started with nature and landscape photography in Chilean Patagonia.

Over time I have developed other forms of expression with abstract photography, in which I let my creativity flow full of colors that transmit emotions to me every second; street photography, in which I try to show ironies and everyday realities that one normally does not see; also newborn, gastronomic and family photography, in which I currently work.

For several years I have participated in photographic groups, which led me to participate in exhibitions, talks, contests, biennials and international photographic salons.

I participated in the following Exhibitions and photographic activities:

  • Vice President of the Chilean Federation of Photography, since January 08, 2022.
  • I have received the following photographic titles: QPSA, GPU CR1, M.APS, A.NPS, GPU APHRODITE, MFCHF.
  • Jury of the “Spanish League of Photography” to be held from October 2022.
  • Invited as a jury to the City of Igualada Procopi Llucià International Awards Fair in Spain.
  • Director of the Photographic Community @eltíofoto, dedicated to the dissemination of photography.
  • Hall Director of the First Photography Hall of the FCHF.
  • In August 2021 and October 2022 my work was shown in the photographic magazine “Captura Raw”
  • “Sharing Glances” – National Exhibition of FCHF Photoclubs, August 2018.
  • Photography Month Exhibition 2018 Fotoclub Concepción.
  • I was part of the project “World Sexual Health Day 2018 of the Chilean Society of Sexualities, as a representative of the Bío Bío Region.
  • I dictated “Basic Photography Workshop” at the Municipal Library of Concepción, on May 18 and 25, 2019.
  • “Chile, its People and its Traditions” – FIAP National and International Exhibition, August 2019.
  • Photography Month Exhibition 2019 Fotoclub Concepción.
  • Exhibition “On the shores of the Strait of Magellan” August 2019.
  • I participated as a jury in the judging “Manos Humanas” carried out by Foto Cine Club Valparaíso in October 2020.
  • I studied “Creative Photography” Dictated by the Andrés Bello University, taught by the outstanding Spanish photographer Rebeca Saray.
  • I took the Jury Training course in Photography, taught by the Spanish photographer José Benito Ruiz and by the Chilean Paulo Olivier, April 2022.
  • President of Fotoclub Concepción 2018 and 2019.
  • 2021 I was co-founder of the Team Chile Photography group, which brings together prominent photographers who have a common interest in International Salons and whose meetings take place photography visions.
  • March 2022 I formed the Fotoclub Chile, which is currently affiliated with the Chilean Federation of Photography.


I gave the following talks:

– “Photography Salons – The Road to International Recognition” held in May 2021, sponsored by AFOCH.

– “Photographic salons” dictated on several occasions for members of Fotoclub Huachipato, Fotoclub Concepción, Team Chile Photography.

– “My eyes through a sensor” open talk held in August 2021 for Creative Vision.

– “The north that I lived” open talk held in November for @eltiofoto

“Photography is an austere and blazing poetry of the real.”

-Ansel Adams-


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