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I'm Li Feng (Jiangsu)

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Senior photographer
Member of China Folklore Photography Association
Member of China Photography Copyright Association
Member of Jiangsu Photographers Association
Member of Xuzhou Design Artists Association

In 2008, shortlisted in the Canon Beauty Impression Contest
In 2014, won the Bronze Collection Award at the “One Leaf, One World” First National Photography Exhibition of Ginkgo
Won the Excellence Award at the National Photography Exhibition of “Liu Bang’s Hometown, Chinese Fruit Capital” in 2015
Participated in the first Beautiful Suzhou National Photography Exhibition in 2017
Participated in”Come for the Lotus” National Photography Exhibition in 2018
Participated in the 18th Pingyao International Photography Exhibition in 2018
Won the Excellence Award at”Xupai Garden Cup” Photography Contest in 2019
Participated in the 19th Pingyao International Photography Exhibition in 2019.


Description of the series:

Stories in the Museum

Trees record its life span with growth rings. History is traced by cultural relics. Museums collect items from past, revitalizing their life and let them shine again.
Modern museums carry not only history, civilization and culture, but also take history as a mirror, allowing us to feel the progress of China and the road to a happy life. More and more people like to visit museums. This is how I feel when making this series. In the process, I also enjoyed the quiet years of the prime time.

This group of photos is one of the series I took in Xuzhou Museum, and I name it “The Story of the Museum.” Cultural relics are living history. When visit museums, people lament not only the production and preservation of cultural relics, but also have a picture of life at that time. It is through collections in the museums that the viewers get a sense of continuation of life and extension of civilization. The viewers gradually establish the bond with the culture relics which were conveyed in the images of this series.
In the images, there are lovers prattles, gaze across time and space, unreasonable appreciation, and stories we don’t know…

The museum is a place that collects past glory and legendary stories of good old days.

“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart, and head.”

-Henri Cartier-Bresson-


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