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Associate professor in Photography

Member of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS)

Member of Photography Education Committee of China Association of Higher Education

Member of Global Photographic Union (GPU)

Photographic Society of New York (PSNY)

Member of Hunan Photographers Association

Member of Hunan Artistic Photography Society

Executive Director of Photography Society of Hunan Colleges and Universities

Art Consultant of Hunan Stage Art Photographers Association

Expert of “Culture and Tourism Think Tank” of Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Jury Member of Hunan Vocational Skills Competition Organizing Committee

Expert Committee of Hunan Photography Industry Association

Examiners and experts of photography art examination of Hunan Education Examination Institute

Art Director of Poetic Oriental Beauty Photo Studio

Description of the series:

Pictorial Beauty

“Subtle Fragrance” and “Winter Solstice” try to explore a unique photographic art language by using the traditional skills of Chinese painting and the innovative concept of contemporary photography. With the use of multiple exposures, the subject is extracted from the messy environment. The abstract color blocks and lines create simple composition, combined with the dark tone of traditional ink painting, carrying the charm of Chinese ink painting and traditional Chinese art. It allows the photographer to convey his feelings and sentiment through the subject in that frame, and through artistic reconstruction and creative process, achieving the artistic integration of physical objects and emotions.

Photography is like a bridge. The beauty of the bridge itself is not as important, but rather the ability to bring out aesthetics and the concept and idea to achieve the best effect and provoke the audiences to think about more about aesthetics culture. This is the ultimate purpose of my works, which I hope to attract more attention to traditional Chinese culture.

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”



Pillar Of

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