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Distinctions: GPU CR2, EFIAP, QPSA

My name is Csaba Bajkσ, I was born on the first of April 1962 in Kaposvαr. Like others, I began with analog cameras and I have many cameras, lenses and other accessories.

Speaking of machine types, many people ask me which brand or machine type I think is better, since each brand has its followers who are convinced that the brand they use is the best. I think it doesn’t matter who has what brand or how expensive equipment is hanging around his neck, since we take the picture ourselves. Our eyes are what see what we want to capture and how we want to capture it, while the camera just converts everything we see with our eyes to film or some kind of digital bitmap. So the camera is just a tool, but no such tool can replace the photographer himself.

I’ve always envied those people who, by their profession, can create such a lasting thing that will last even after their death and that their children and grandchildren can be proud of. Writers, poets, sculptors, composers, but even a carpenter can create something lasting that will outlive him and he can be proud of. Unfortunately, my job is not like that, since I have been working in the IT world as a manager for many years, and in this world I cannot create things that I can be proud of in 30-40 years, that my sons can inherit, etc. Our lives are moving extremely fast, and what are we leaving behind? Do we leave any traces behind, or do we just drift with the tide and live from today to tomorrow? Our world is running at breakneck speed and perhaps it is a kind of desperation resulting from this that I try to capture as many moments as possible of this fast-paced life.

In the midst of the rush, we often don’t even notice how many small miracles and beauties surround us. We pass by them and only notice them when we see them again in a photograph, even though it is often something that is part of our daily lives. Looking and seeing are not the same thing. We are used to looking at photographs, but the photographer must see the thing that makes a picture interesting. I try not to capture the beauties and the hidden details that I notice immediately, but I try to find the point when the selected thing can really show itself. I don’t want to change the people, animals or plants in my photos, make them look different from themselves, but I want to get the best out of them. To show the unique of them. The beautiful, what makes them different from the rest.

Although photography is not my occupation, but my life, I have won several photo contests with my pictures.
Since the spring of 2009, with one of the largest American photo agencies ( Getty Images ) I have a contract, so they added 184 of my photos to their collection.

Since 2017, my photos have been selected in many international photo contests, of which perhaps the most successful was the German GIP ( German International DVF-Photocup ) in 2018, where 185 photographers from 55 countries of the world entered with more than 15,000 (15,133) photos and the special prize was awarded to me I managed to bring it with my competition photo.

I regularly participate in international photo contests, in which I have so far won more than 900 acceptances and numerous awards with more than a hundred different pictures in 43 countries.

After several years of successful results in international photo contests, FIAP – International Photographic Association, founded in Switzerland in 1950 – ( Fιdιration Internationale de l’Art Photograpique ) awarded me the AFIAP ( Artiste FIAP) diploma in October 2019, and then the EFIAP (Excellence FIAP) diploma in December 2021.

Global Photographic Union founded in the Netherlands in 2007 awarded me the GPU Crown 1 diploma in January 2021, and later the GPU C rown 2 degrees.
In 2021, I was accepted as a member of the American PSA ( Photographic Society of America ), where I received the title of 4 Star Exhibitor and QPSA ( Qualified PSA).

Also in 2021, I was invited to the World Association of Hungarian Photographers, where I was accepted after the evaluation of the submitted application material.

PSA ( Photographic Society of America ),
FIAP ( Fιderation Internationale de l’Art Photographique ),
GPU ( Global Photographic Union ),
MAFOSZ ( National Association of Hungarian Photographic Art Groups )
MFVSZ ( World Federation of Hungarian Photographers )
Distinctions: EFIAP, QPSA, GPU CR2,


“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

-Henri Cartier-Bresson-


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