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I’m a Physician who loves photography. Photography is my serious hobby since 2013. Since 2015 become part of Srikandi Magnificent Indonesia.

International Awards Winner Photographer

  • Finalist of International Photography Awards 2022
  • Finalist Siena International Photo Awards 2022
  • Finalist Drone Photo Awards – Siena 2022
  • Finalist Creative Photo Awards – Siena 2022
  • Honorable Mention in International Photography Awards 2021

Speaker / Mentoring

  • Webinar Photography with DPC IPBI Jakarta Selatan “Kembang Setaman : Mahakarya dalam Genggaman”, 2022.
  • KPKS Photography Talks “Fun Photography using Handphone, DSLR/Mirrorless”, 2021.
  • Tea Time Talk with Photography From Home “Ekspresi Diri Melalui Fotografi”, 2021.
  • Webinar Zoom Pecinta Fotografi Immanuel Maranatha (PFIM) “A Lady Doctor with Camera”, 2021
  • Kompas Talk “Merekam Jejak Sejarah Lewat Karya Fotografi”, 2020.

Judging Experience

  • Dhaka Foto Fest Circuit 2022, PSA and GPU Patronage, 2022
  • Dumka International Exhibiton 2022, PSA Patronage, 2022
  • Bangladesh Foto Fest 2021, PSA and GPU Patronage, 2021
  • 1st Indonesia Photo Circuit, FIAPand PSA Patronage, 2020


  • International Photo Salon Division of Perhimpunan Fotografer Bali (PFB) 2022 2025.
  • Active member of Perhimpunan Fotografer Bali (PFB), Denpasar.
  • Active member of PERFORMA, Makassar.
  • Active member of Perhimpunan Amatir Foto (PAF), Bandung.
  • Former Administrator Federation of Photography Society of Indonesia (FPSI) 2018 – 2021.
  • Former Administrator of Candra Naya Photographic Society (CNPS) 2016 – 2021.


  • Padma Candra Geni International Photo Exhibition, Surakarta 2022.
  • Bara Api International Photo Exhibition, Magelang 2022.
  • 1st GPU Virtual Photo Festival 2021.
  • PSA International Photo Exhibition, Yogyakarta, 2021.
  • “Magnificient Indonesia”, Indonesian Embassy for Brastilava, Slovakia, 2021.
  • Virtual Exhibition Indonesia & Turkey “101 Indonesia Diversity”, 2021
  • Photo exhibition at the Indonesian Embassy in the Netherlands in collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy in the Netherlands & Art Photo Indonesia, Netherlands, 2019
  • PSA Photo Exhibition, China, 2019
  • ”This Is Jakarta”, Jakarta 2017
  • Canon Female Photographer Exhibition, Jakarta, 2016
  • “Jalan Menuju Media Kreatif #8”, Yogyakarta 2016
  • “Magnificient Indonesia”, Jakarta 2016
  • Motoyuk Exhibition Photo, Jakarta 2015.


  • “SHE” by Magnificient Indonesia, 2020.
  • “This is Jakarta” by Magnificient Indonesia, 2017.
  • “Magnificient Indonesia” by Magnificient Indonesia, 2016.
  • “Practical Basic to Advanced Photography”, Photo Contributor, 2015.
“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”



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