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Let us
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“Global Photographic Union”, shortened as GPU

At the outset, it must be said that GPU is not a replacement for local “club” photography where photographers attend on a regular basis and take a full and active role in their “club” or for regional, federation or national level photography.

GPU is formed for those photographers who wish to take part in a truly international organization, where photographic art allows and encourages cultural exchange.


So, what does GPU offers to prospective members?

GPU is a truly international photographic organization – with GPU inspired and managed BY photographers FOR photographers. The management board is currently represented by 7 internationally renowned photographers from 7 countries with members of GPU from 3 continents. Countries have a dedicated GPU national “delegate” who is the local contact point for all issues related to GPU.

Every genre of photography is encouraged by GPU and equally valued. By this we mean that all the aspects of photography can be found within GPU and based on comradeship and mutual respect by all.

Being international it is recognized that it will not be possible for the whole GPU membership to meet regularly but regular meetings are held on both a national or regional basis, where technical and visual presentations and discussions take place on a range of topics. National/regional exhibitions are exchanged on a planned basis which means that images of the members are displayed and seen in many different counties.

GPU members can use the GPU website, upload their pictures at the members’ galleries and keep track of all GPU news, announcements and activities.

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gpu pins crowns

GPU operates its own distinctions scheme where photographers collects points from acceptances, mentions and awards in international exhibitions ; members can apply for GPU Crowns and “VIP’s”.

A different system of GPU titles, based on stunning photo collections, are : “Aphrodite”, “Hermes”, “Zeus” and the recently established Grand Master.

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gpu under25
gpu under25

GPU occasionally runs international competitions, free of charge, with a “set-subject” and judged by a panel of internationally renowned judges. The last 2 years has successfully conducted the competition “GPU Under 25″ for young photographers under 25 years old, in order to motivate them.   

GPU runs workshops, photo festivals, exchange trips and opportunities to take images with internationally renowned photographers worldwide which form bonds with those taking part as well as host photographers.

5th GPU Photo Festival July 2019, Romania

GPU welcomes photographic local clubs, federations and associations from all around the world to join GPU as “GPU COOPERATIVE CLUBS” without any registration fee or annual fee! This is part of GPU commitment to benefit all photographers, individuals or members of association, through annual rich photography program.

For further and more analytical information regarding all topics, you can visit GPU website.


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